Free PSN Codes Tutorial Revealed

Free psn codes unlocks premium services from Playstation.  It allows you to redeem virtual currencies that is used to buy digital game copy. Psn codes also allows you to redeem digital vouchers. These free codes are essential for better gameplay. Also, As a playstation 4 owner, we always look for unlimited supplies of psn codes. However, we don’t know how to start having these codes.

There are thousands of site offering that they will give you free PSN codes for your ps4 console, but most of them are just fake. Do you hope for a legitimate site gives you a 100% working psn codes? If yes, you’ve come at the right place.  In this website, you will learn how to get codes for free without spending a dime. Check out the whole process below.

free psn codes

Free PSN Codes Step by Step

  1. First step, open
  2. Second, tap on the Get free psn codes button (the one with color green button).
  3. Next, choose which reward you want to get ($50 gift card code or $25 gift card code).
  4. Afterwards, you need to finish the following human verification test.
  5.  Lastly, copy your code to somewhere safe to avoid regenerating a code again.
    You can only redeem one code per month to avoid spam and leechers.

Free PSN Codes Facts

PSN codes is used instead of credit card or real money to purchase a PlayStation Game.

There are other site on the web just like Points2Shop, PrizeRebeland SwagBucks where you redeem a code. At these sites you can get PSN code by completing test and watching youtube videos. You can also winprizes of hundreds of types from these websites.

Final note:
All the guides written here are tested few months ago. There is no guarantee that this guide or tutorial will be working in the future. Game2Easy is not liable for any damage or bugs on your psn accounts.

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