Free PSN Codes Tutorial Revealed

Free psn codes unlocks premium services from Playstation.  It allows you to redeem virtual currencies that is used to buy digital game copy. Psn codes also allows you to redeem digital vouchers. These free codes are essential for better gameplay. Also, As a playstation 4 owner, we always look for unlimited supplies of psn codes. However, we don’t know how to start having these codes.

There are thousands of site offering that they will give you free PSN codes for your ps4 console, but most of them are just fake. Do you hope for a legitimate site gives you a 100% working psn codes? If yes, you’ve come at the right place.  In this website, you will learn how to get codes for free without spending a dime. Check out the whole process below.

free psn codes

Free PSN Codes Step by Step

  1. First step, open
  2. Second, tap on the Get free psn codes button (the one with color green button).
  3. Next, choose which reward you want to get ($50 gift card code or $25 gift card code).
  4. Afterwards, you need to finish the following human verification test.
  5.  Lastly, copy your code to somewhere safe to avoid regenerating a code again.
    You can only redeem one code per month to avoid spam and leechers.

Free PSN Codes Facts

PSN codes is used instead of credit card or real money to purchase a PlayStation Game.

There are other site on the web just like Points2Shop, PrizeRebeland SwagBucks where you redeem a code. At these sites you can get PSN code by completing test and watching youtube videos. You can also winprizes of hundreds of types from these websites.

Final note:
All the guides written here are tested few months ago. There is no guarantee that this guide or tutorial will be working in the future. Game2Easy is not liable for any damage or bugs on your psn accounts.

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How to get Slotomania Coins for free in 4 easy ways

Slotomania is one of the best casino games that can be played on mobile or even on our computers. Playtika Limited published the game and it has over 1.1 million downloads on the Google App Store. Today for our new viewers of the website, we will share with you our little secret on how to get slotomania coins for free in 4 simple and easy ways. 

Before starting, you need to open our fee coins generator here at for providing us with great information on how to get this for free

Connect your Facebook account

According to (link), if you link your account in Slotomania on Facebook, you will receive a fresh 10,000 coins. That’s just how easy it is. The reason why is because the developer wants you not to lose your data just in case something happens to your phone (ex snatched, broken). 

In this way, you can still enjoy playing this game even if you are using other devices.

How does it work?

There is a button inside the Slotomania game that has a Facebook icon. Click it and it will prompt if your account is not yet linked. Once you click the button, you can have an option to connect your Facebook account into your account in Slotomania by simply allowing them to access your name and some of your data from Facebook. 

Once it is done, you will receive 10,000 free coins. Very easy right?

Verify your email address

The good thing about this game is that you will get free coins when you verify your identity. This promotion is very limited in any games right now so get it while it lasts.

How does it work?

When you verify your email address, you will receive a link straight to the email which you need to click. When you press a click on the link, your email will be verified instantly. That’s how easy it is!!

slotomania free coins

Roll the wheel!

This is one of the easiest ways to earn coins for free. The first spin is free and if you want to spin the wheel again then you will be required to put some coins. If you are lucky enough to win, then you might not need some of the codes that we will drop below this article.

How to do it?

Just simply click the “Free Spin” button on the Slotomania dashboard and good luck getting good rewards!!

Slotomania Rewards Program

If you are not aware, Slotomania has its own Rewards Program that is very beneficial for a lot of their loyal players. You can get into this program free of charge and as you progress, the more rewards you can get. 

There are 6 tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Black Diamond)

For the Bronze tier, you will get a daily gift from Lucy worth 250 coins. 

For Silver tier, you will get a daily gift from Lucy worth 500 coins, double the number of status points from purchases and a 15 percent increase on the Mega Bonus. You will also get an X5 Fan Page gifts, X3 Share post gifts and higher gifts from your friends.

For Gold tier, you will get a daily gift from Lucy worth more than 500 coins, an x20 Fan Page gift, X5 Share post gifts and a massive 2,000 coins with gifts from your friends!

Please take note that you need to have 4,000 Status points to qualify as a Gold tier.

For Platinum tier, you will receive a MASSIVE gift from Lucy worth 200,000 coins, Mega Bonus win will be increased by 25 percent, a 40X Fan Page gift multiplier, X10 Share post gifts and gifts from Friends up to 5,000 each.

For Diamond tier, you will receive a bigger gift from Lucy worth 500,000 coins, and X100 Multiplier on the Fan Page gifts (twice the amount from Platinum), a 30% increase in your Mega Bonus Win, X20 multiplier on the Share posts gifts and a MASSIVE X7 multiplier in every purchase of coins

Please take note that you need to have 250,000 Status points to qualify as a Diamond tier.

For Royal Diamond tier, you will receive a gift from Lucy worth 1,000,000 coins (hope it is just cash), a gigantic X200 multiplier on the Fan Page gifts and exclusive access of VIP games that are just available for Royal and Black Diamond players only.

Please take note that you need 2,000,000 Status points to qualify as a Royal Diamond tier.

Unfortunately, no one knows except the members of Black Diamond tier what will be the rewards. It looks like Playtika is saving the best for last for these players and wants to make them special as it is up to you to find out what is inside. 

But we expect for a twice as a reward in the Royal Diamond tier and more exclusive access for the VIP games.

Please take note that you need 8,000,000 Status points to qualify as a Black Diamond tier.


There are a lot of games like Slotomania that is doing everything like what they do. They have Blackjack, the spins, the poker, and everything just like how you play in a casino. You might wonder why we love Slotomania,

Here’s the thing

No one in the entire online casino gaming that is offering their clients a rewards program that will earn them more coins in the game. There is no game as well who have 7 levels of rewards just for their loyal customers.

If you think about the client care that every player is talking about, Slotomania beats them all. Imagine winning everything and getting a reward every day from Lucy’s gift and your friends. If it is just real money, I will not go to sleep on this game.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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